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Natural - 300000₫/kg

Clean and with very little fermented flavors

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Anaerobic natural

Anaerobic natural - 325000₫/kg

80 hours fermentation without oxygen

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Extended natural

Extended natural - 325000₫/kg

60 hours lactic fermentation

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Aqua natural

Aqua natural - 325000₫/kg

Full cherry fermentation in the water

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Yellow catuai

Yellow catuai - 375000₫/kg

Very rare variety in Vietnam

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Double washed

Double washed - 250000₫/kg

Method used in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda

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Anaerobic washed

Anaerobic washed - 290000₫/kg

With addition of yeast and lactic bacteria

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Black honey

Black honey - 260000₫/kg

Keeping sticky mucilage

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Pink honey

Pink honey - 275000₫/kg

60 hour fermentation in whole cherry

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Cascara - 1000000₫/kg

Sweet with fruity nuances tea from cherry husks

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