Pink honey

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For this processing method, we chose the name, mostly referring to the color of the parchment after pulping the coffee.


Cherries are carefully selected, washed, floated, and put into fermentation tanks for 60 hours with the presence of oxygen (aerobic). Fermentation tanks are relatively shallow (ensuring the same fermentation on the top and bottom of the tanks) and located in a stable temperature environment.


After the initial 60 hour fermentation, cherries are de-pulped and 100% of the mucilage is kept on the parchment. When we keep all sticky mucilage on the beans, it is very important to pay attention to moving the coffee multiple times a day. Because during the drying process, there is still a lot of fermentation going on directly on the drying beds.


What can you expect from pink honey? Lots of candy sweetness, fruitiness, good body, and a balanced cup of coffee.

Location Langbiang Mountain plateau (peak 2167m), Lac Duong district, 15km from Dalat city
Altitude 1500-1650 masl
Variety Catimor
Harvest season 2023/2024
Producer Zanya Cooperation, which is working together with over 30 smallholder farmers from K´ho ethnic minority
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Price 275000₫/kg without VAT
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