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Innovative process

This year our new innovative process is where we wanted to let the natural yeast and bacteria at the Langbiang Mountain do its work.


As always selection, cleaning, and floating are crucial steps for best quality. After that full cherries are placed into shallow fermentation tanks for 60 hours with the presence of oxygen (aerobic). During this fermentation, lactic bacteria from multiple ecosystems (water, soil, air, plants) find a rich environment for their development creating lactic acid.


After the fermentation process, cherries are carefully washed and spread out for drying. With this coffee, we want to showcase slight differences in fermentation with and without oxygen when it comes to comparison to anaerobic natural.


Do you love fruity, slightly funky, and complex coffee? Do you want to experience what this variety can achieve by fermenting it in its natural environment? Then this coffee is exactly for you.

Location Langbiang Mountain plateau (peak 2167m), Lac Duong district, 15km from Dalat city
Altitude 1500-1650 masl
Variety Catimor
Harvest season 2023/2024
Producer Zanya Cooperation, which is working together with over 30 smallholder farmers from K´ho ethnic minority
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Price 325000₫/kg without VAT
Samples Number of bags