Anaerobic washed

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New experiment

In a new experiment where we were approached by a Denmark company creating yeast and bacteria for all kinds of industries, they offered us yeast and lactic bacteria developed specifically for coffee fermentation.


With improved technologies and the rising popularity of experimental processes, coffee is no exception. We are always interested in new approaches to coffee fermentation.


So let's answer the question, what will happen if we add yeast and lactic bacteria into fermentation tanks, seal it without oxygen, and let them work together directly on pulped coffee parchment?


Lactic bacteria created a silky creamy body with fruity notes of pineapple, amazing sweetness, and black tea qualities. Looking to explore and scale similar experimental methods in the future. Calling this trial a success, available in limited quantity!

Location Langbiang Mountain plateau (peak 2167m), Lac Duong district, 15km from Dalat city
Altitude 1500-1650 masl
Variety Catimor
Harvest season 2023/2024
Producer Zanya Cooperation, which is working together with over 30 smallholder farmers from K´ho ethnic minority
Bags on stock 0
Price 290000₫/kg without VAT
Samples Number of bags