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We are always curious and ready to explore new things. We already tried all kinds of environments where coffee can ferment with all fruit layers as natural processed coffee.


But how about placing cherries into fermentation tanks and fully submerging them in water? Limited oxygen, very stable temperature, amazing consistency in different layers of the tank, and easily able to mix them.


After 100 hours, the water turns red/pink color and has a beautiful fruity smell. This experiment was a great success with its consistency, being able to control all the needed parameters of the fermentation process and the possibility of scaling for the future.


One of the cleanest naturals we have ever experienced despite being fermented for 100 hours, complex with slight hints of peach and floral qualities.

Location Langbiang Mountain plateau (peak 2167m), Lac Duong district, 15km from Dalat city
Altitude 1500-1650 masl
Variety Catimor
Harvest season 2023/2024
Producer Zanya Cooperation, which is working together with over 30 smallholder farmers from K´ho ethnic minority
Bags on stock 0
Price 325000₫/kg without VAT
Samples Number of bags