• 01

    Farm visit

    We will visit one of the family coffee farms, enjoy the stunning views and talk about the specialty coffee industry.
  • 02

    Ethnic minority history and traditions

    Kh´o tribe have very rich history, traditions and their own language. All very different from what you can experience in Vietnam.
  • 03

    Processing and Roasting

    Introduction into different specialty coffee processing methods, fermentation, roasting and defect sorting.
  • 04

    Brewing and Tasting

    Learning about proper coffee extraction. Introductions into coffee quality evaluation (cupping) and flavour difference between processing mehods.
  • 05

    Lunch and coffee included

    We will prepare lunch at home and you can drink as much coffee as you like during the tour.
  • 06

    Present from Zanya

    Freshly roasted coffee as a gift to bring home.

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Half day tour
700 000 ₫

Farm visit
Demonstration of whole process
Learn about the Kh´o tribe
Lunch and coffee included
Present from Zanya