Who we are and what is our goal?

At Zanya coffee we focus on quality over quantity, developing personal relationships in Vietnam specialty coffee community. Langbiang mountain area represents truly one of the few gems with very unique aromas and flavours. Our goal is to keep motivating coffee farmers and improving their lives.

  • Vietnam specialty coffee
    Vietnam specialty coffee
    Despite being 2nd biggest coffee exporter, arabica represents only 3% of the production. Specialty coffee sector in Vietnam is growing very fast and culture of drinking coffee is shifting towards quality. We work hard to let world know about Vietnam coffee.
  • Processing methods
    Processing methods
    Our methods rely heavily on multiple hand selections during the coffee processing. Fermentation monitoring, drying on african raised beds and proper storage in Grainpro bags.
  • More than direct trade
    More than direct trade
    Our priority is to improve quality each year. We take care or all steps of the production ourselves allowing us to provide exceptional product with affordable price. Most importantly redistributing profits and creating stable work conditions for ethnic minority farmers.
  • Delivery
    You can always expect fast communication and delivery. Consistency is key to develop long term relationships. We can also provide everything needed to export our coffee abroad.